For Fr. Palladino.. His willingness to be so brave and try and save another human made a huge impression on me. At that time I was 14 years old. In lieu of a birthday gift, I asked my family to pool their dollars so that Father Palladino could have his name added to the plaque. Thirty-five-year-old Fr. Palladino died trying to save the student, Joseph Monaldo, 18 years old, who also drowned. May 19, 1955.

Saint Anthony of Padua changed my life by converting me through reading his writings. St. Anthony, I will never be the same. Thank you for bringing my spirituality to a new level. 

When my father was dying from Covid 19, Father John W. Broderick was the only priest who would go to visit him and administer the last rites. After Dad passed away, Fr. Broderick came to look in on my mother and me, both of whom were also still suffering from Covid 19. I will always remember the compassion of this selfless priest.

Please place my dear friend/spiritual Father Eddie Fronske on a plaque. Fr. Eddie is losing his memory, but will never be forgotten. He has been a true light to so many in darkness.