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Confraternity of Penitents Prayer List August 22, 2021


“It is better to be a child of God than king of the whole world.” -- – St. Aloysius Gonzaga


Pope’s Monthly Intention: We pray that we all will make courageous choices for a simple and environmentally sustainable lifestyle, rejoicing in our young people who are resolutely committed to this.


On-going Intentions:

  • The Pope also asks us to spend five minutes in prayer for those in power.

  • Prayer for America one Minute Every Night If you would like to participate, every evening at 9:00PM EST (6:00 Pacific), stop whatever you are doing and spend one minute praying for the safety of the United States, our troops, our citizens, and for peace in the world, for religious freedom, end to cancel culture, end to bullying.

  • Special prayers are requested for God’s abundant blessings on the Archdiocese for Military Services, for our troops, for all the families left behind, for our President, for all heads of state and government officials in those countries involved in war.

  • Please pray for our Holy Father, Pope Francis, for his health and protection.

  • Please pray for the Church and for peace in the world.

  • Please pray for priests undergoing religious attack, and for vocations to the priesthood, religious life, and the Confraternity of Penitents.

  • Please pray for the hundreds of thousands of refugees trying desperately to find a place to live in peace.

  • Please pray to end terrorism, genocide, war, abuse, neglect, hatred, human trafficking.

  • Please pray for all to have their hearts open to Jesus and for a return to Christian values and morals

  • For the conversion to belief in unalienable right to life of all human beings for those in any way involved in abortion, we pray to the Lord.

  • For National Day of Prayer weekly intentions for US Government and officials.

  • For all those referred to the Confraternity of Penitents through the Vocation Placement Referral program, that God may lead them into the path on which He wishes them to walk.

  • For the prayer requests of the Holy Innocents Prayer Line.

  • For all those on the Precious Blood, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Shalom Media, and Margo Snyder's Prayer Lists.

  • Please pray for Charles Opara who needs a better job. His family is in need. Thank you for your prayers.

  • For the raising of $180,000 to renovate Guadalupe Men’s Vocation Discernment House. Please pray that God will bring these funds in, if He so wills. God bless you for your prayers and thanks be to God for funds raised so far.

  • For John Caywood, to know that God loves him and for him to love himself and to let himself be vulnerable.

  • For protection for Isabel Leal and Losang.

  • For Bob Floyd and crew making a documentary film on Fr. Chad Rippenger, exorcist, for protection, grace.


ILL: Father Matthias Wesnofske OFM Cap, Carl Riccio ofs, Joe Guarino ofs, Sally McCutcheon, Bill Orga, Bob Libby ofs, Laura Marino, Laura Smurphat, Rose Harris ofs, Michelle Michael, Adam Leskowicz ofs, Maria Lussoro ofs, Denise Crean, Marianne, Mary Smith, Robbie, Mary Korchowsky ofs, Diane Erhard, Pressley, Denis Munson, Rocco DelGiorno, Raymond Clarke ofs, Richard Wakefield, Augusta Van Duzen ofs

DECEASED: Joan Kleinklaus, Doris Watson ofs, Thomasa & Adrian Cochoy, Eileen Basile, Isabella Pepe ofs, Taylor Clarke, Phil Guerreri, Marcel Rwamwenge, Patricia Johnson, Patricia Johnson ofs, Dcn James Flannery, Jack Cussen

 SPECIAL INTENTIONS: Bartoli Family, Pfeiffer Family, St Barnabas Fraternity SFO, Laura, Joanne, Kevin & Diane, Scarlatta Family, Rosalie, Debbie O, Keane Family, Loretta,Angelo Stagnaro ofs, Haiti, Uganda, Nigeria, Afghanistan, MDF, MDCs, JAP, 30+

ILL: Dcn Jim O’Neill ofs, Dcn Anthony Cuseo ofs, Ellen, Taylor Clarke, Dcn Tom Connolly, Dr Kimmel, Rose Harris ofs, Louis DeLeonardo, Mary Korchowsky ofs, Danielle Zollo, Dcn Louis Sandberg, Frank and Anne Gallagher, Bro Alex Escalera, Devon, Betty McHale, Donna Perillo, Bro Richard osf, Tony Kirwin, Tony Clarke, People of India, Vernice North, Dcn Arthur Griffin, Peggy Coscino, Dcn Sonny Pagnotta, Fr Matthias Wesnofske OFM Cap, MaryAnn Guyer ofs, Michael, Patty, Michael’s Father

  • DECEASED: Arlene Schloth, Patricia Magee, Anton Giese, Tina Bond, Herb Johnson, Gabriella Riley,Kristiana Reilly, Geraldine Burns, Barbara Hansen ofs, Esther O’Donnell, Robert Rouse ofs, People of India


  • SPECIAL INTENTIONS: Carmella Seeger, Donna Perillo, Diana LaRosa, Dolan Family, McCauley Family, GOK, Patrick Bastible

  • Poor Sam  Pizzo , he’s in Saint Johns  Hospital for heart again. Please pray for him.

  • Please pray for the soul of James Piwowair.  He committed suicide, 7/7/21.

  • Tony Bolton recovery from heart surgery 7/9/21. 

  • I am in my 6th year of Sabbatical. Therefore I was hoping your group could do a 54 day rosary novena for my intentions.  But any prayers and sacrifices would be greatly appreciated.  Fr. Stephen Arabadjis

  • For Linda Spohr, breast cancer.

  • For Savannah, pregnant from rape, due to give birth to a boy in October and for her family.

  • Could you please pray for Mufide Mary and all her family members and all her intentions and God's will in their lifes and for her own family members, Faruk, Ismail, Serif,  Irfan, Ali, Mufide Mary, Fevziye, Tahsin, Mehmet, Faruk Arda, Mehmet Berke, Emel, Zeynep Sude, Lara Nedime, Bashar A., Nedime, and all other dear ones and my dear relatives, Alewi people for forgiveness, healing, conversion, long lifes, Divine Mercy, Holy Ghost and salvation and for the soul of My mother Nedime and all her dear ones. And for the soul of my father Mehmet and all his dear deads. And for the baptism of all his children as soon as possible. And for everythings and everybody I ought to pray for. For their consecration to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, In the Name of Jesus.

  • For all those who attend Latin Masses, that all be well with them in light of the Pope’s letter.

  • Please pray for a full recovery for Rob who had a stroke which affected his right side.

  • Please pray for the success of an emergency eye surgery.

  • For marriage prep classes in Indianapolis IN

  • I've been looking after my aunt's medical care since January (she's 75) with dangerous vein problems. Recently I started helping my stepmom (also 75) with my father’s cardiac and disabling arthritis care (78). 

  •  My mother in law had survived lung cancer a few years ago. This past week she's been hospitalized with a high fever, possible dementia, pneumonia, and another large mass in her lung. She's 75. My husband (51), his sisters, his father (78), and me all are working together to sort her care. She'll be transferred to an oncology unit at a different hospital soon, but this will not be short-term (her condition is worse this time). 

  •  For Dustin who requested prayers and who is very distraught

  • For Ryan that he not leave the Catholic Faith but rather find a good, holy priest and faith community..

  • Please I need your prayer support for Dıvıne Help for treatment and fıxıng my teeth because I have no money and no ınsurance and for all my needs and specıal ıntentıons. And for healıng of my fınances and new accomodatıon problems and my lower back and famıly members. And for the souls of my parents Mehmet and Nedıme Rende and theır famıly. God's Will be done. Mufıde R

  • Irene—healing from cancer through intercession of Blessed Carlo Acutis. Prayers for Julie, too.

  • Repose of the soul of Dorothy Gallsnbach

  • For newborn Brady, possibly blind or other disabilities.

  • For Alison, discerning a possible religious vocation.

  • Please pray for my brother Tahsin for healing of his hip bone and all kinds of healing and for GIFTS, POWER, FRUITS of THE HOLY GHOST and for forgiveness and healing and longest lifes and Divine Mercy and salvation and God's Will with all his family.

  • For Turner Flynn and his grandfather

  • Elizabeth Watts—strength in left leg so she can walk better and for her caregivers

  • Kimberly Starrett, discerning a possible religious vocation.

  • LeeAllen Fortin, preparing for ordination to the diaconate on September 4.

  • For Loretta Russell, needs healing.

“It is with the smallest brushes that the artist paints the most exquisitely beautiful pictures.” – St. André Bessette