Thanks so much to the following individuals who have contributed to the restoration of Guadalupe House, to Brother Peter's Parlor, and to Mary, Mother of Priests Chapel. May God bless each of them abundantly!

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2022 RCIA Group (Candidates, Catechumens and Team), St. Francis de Sales Parish, Lansing KS

Barnum, Michelle

Beliveau, Helene

Bentrup, Benjamin and Amelia

Boczek, CFP, Robert

Bondi, Vito

Bougher, Elizabeth and John

Brady, CFP, Susan

Breslin, Fr. Paul J.

Coey, Charles

Current, Robert

Dragan, Donna

Dragolich, CFP, Mariah and Seven Sisters Prayer Group

Dreiling, Maureen

Elsass, William

Espita, Mary

Farnsworth, CFP, Rita

Faunce, Erica

Fennessey, CFP, Anne

Fernandez, Lucy, CFP

Grimmer, OFS, Eileen

Gutoskey, Gus & Linda 

Hall, Marilyn and Joseph

Healy, Patrick

Herman, Carol

Hill, Sr. Elizabeth

Immaculate Conception Parish, Leavenworth KS

Johnson, Garrett 

Joslyn, CFP, Dianne Gregory

Kacprowicz, Mike and Sharon

Keller, CFP, Terry

Ladies of Our Lady

Landry, Nancy

Lemire, CFP, Elizabeth

Lengerich, Steve and Cindy

Leps, Paul

Leszczynski, Robert

Marchese, John

Matthes, Dakota

Medjugorje Pilgrimage Group

Monday Holy Family Rosary Group, St. Francis de Sales Parish, Lansing KS

Moss, Father Andrew

Munevar, Ludwig

Murray, CFP, Patricia

Nave, Anthony

Ness, Erin

Noll, Erica Marie

Nugent, CFP, Jim and Madeline

Nugent, Michael and Bethany

O'Connor, William

Our Lady, Cause of Our Joy CFP Chapter

Parvitee, CFP, Cam S.

Piro, OFS, Steve

Rinaldo, Kristen and Benjamin

Sadock, CFP, Karen

Saint Francis de Sales Parish, Leavenworth KS

Saint Joseph Parish, Leaveworth KS

Sak, Tish

Sce, Mr. & Mrs. Doug

Scott, Allan & Johanna 

Sec, Beverly and Joseph

Seyfert, CFP, Sandy and Joe

Shrader, Bertha and Jim

Shutt, CFP, Robert and Valerie

Sisters of Charity - University of St. Mary's Chapel, Leavenworth KS

Steele, Julia

Stevens, CFP, Jackie and Mark

Tieszen, Silvie

Warren, Sister Anne Marie, OSF

Weathers, Donna

Wednesday Rosary for Priests Group, Saint Francis de Sales Parish, Lansing KS

Welch, Eric, CFP

Wells, Erin

Wilkinson-Brockway, Leah

Witter, Joshua and Martha

Whitaker, CFP, Joel

Wright, Jill A.

Yerkes, Elizabeth

Zurcher, Larry and Susan