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Mary, Mother of Priests Chapel

in Guadalupe Men's vita dei House

Highlighting 1000 Holy Priests

Help us bring the chapel to life!

Chapel and House Blessing and Mass


Father Joseph Tuscan, OFM Cap Celebrant


5:30 pm, Wednesday, December 13, 2023


Followed by pot luck dinner. Join us!

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Seeking 1000 holy priests, living, deceased, or canonized. These priests inspire house residents and visitors by their lives of goodness and service. Their names receive honor by being engraved on 5" x 5" brass plaques in the chapel.


One plaque is pictured to the left. See all the plaques completed to date on this link.


Plaques will surround an original Eucharistic painting by artist Joseph Matose IV, pictured on the right. The gold framed art is 48 inches by 24 inches.

Plaque sponsorship donations assist in the development and restoration of Guadalupe Vita Dei House.



Guadalupe Men's Vita Dei House is a home where men who are struggling to hear God's voice can set aside time for the Lord, while living in community with other men. To learn more about Guadalupe Vita Dei House, visit this link. 

Annunciation Women's Vita Dei House information is on this link.


Mary, Mother of Priests Chapel is currently under reconstruction inside Guadalupe Vita Dei House. The chapel will feature the names of 1000 holy, Catholic priests who are honored by those who sponsor their names on the chapel walls.


The Chapel will be used daily by men discerning a priestly, religious, or other vocation as well as those who simply need a quiet, holy place of prayer. Primary daily prayer for house residents is the Divine Office (Morning, Evening, and Night Prayer) and private, contemplative prayer. On occasion, Holy Mass is offered in the Chapel. 


All Chapel benefactors and sponsored priests will be remembered during prayer times and Masses. 

Visitors will be welcome, by appointment, to visit Mary, Mother of Priests Chapel. 

Mary, Mother of Priests Chapel is dedicated to Dom Julian Stead, OSB. His memorabilia will be one of the chapel’s features. Fr. Julian supported the Confraternity of Penitents through its refounding in 2003. In his over sixty years as a priest, Fr. Julian had significant positive influence over a huge number of people. May he rest in peace, as he was God’s faithful servant. 

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