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25 available. Name of priest sponsored will be next to the icon of the life of Christ or an icon of a saint or saints. Benefactor will be remembered in Dedication Mass of the Chapel to be held (hopefully!) December 12, 2023 and be listed in the program as an Icon sponsor. 


To send Greetings to your sponsored priest, please share his name, address, zip code and how you would like your name to appear. Guadalupe Men's Vocation Discernment House will send your priest a card with the following greeting:


A sponsorship donation honoring your sevice to God has been made to the Mary, Mother of Priests Chapel of 1000 Priests. ( Your name will placed visibly in the chapel where you will be prayed for daily by the men living in Guadalupe Men's Vocation Discernment House. Please hold in prayer the grateful sponsor of this donation, (name, address of sponsor)  


All Mary, Mother of Priests Icons, ordered with a sponsorship, are mailed to you as the sponsor, unless you call us at 260-739-6882 and request an alternate recepient. 

Icon Sponsorship

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